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You may call us for enquiry regarding Formulations Or API on the phone number below and one of our representative will be there to support you personally.

Real Drugs APIs Supplier Manufacturers In India

Real Drugs Pvt Ltd offers one of the broadest portfolios of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) —the ingredients responsible for the therapeutic effects of different medicines—to more than 100 countries.

Quality begins at step one. Real Drugs Pvt Ltd uses an established testing and verification process to ensure the suitability of active ingredients used in our medicines.

Direct access to API makes Real Drugs Pvt Ltd a companies with a comprehensive, vertically integrated supply chain and helps us maintain deep insight into diverse markets and segments.

Additionally, we're one of the largest producers of API for generics, as well as antibacterials, central nervous system agents, antihistamines/anti-asthmatics, cardiovasculars, antivirals, antidiabetics, antifungals, proton pump inhibitors and pain management medicines.

Real Drugs Pvt Ltd address all your preclinical, clinical and commercial production needs for any Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) and advanced intermediate, including Highly Potent Active Ingredients (HPAPIs), applicable to all therapeutic indications.

API Manufacturing With a commitment to quality, state-of-the-art API manufacturing facilities, global regulatory accreditations, a strong pipeline and speed-to-market capabilities, Real Drugs Pvt Ltd is an ideal API partner.

Time efficiency and cost-effectiveness With greater economic pressures, tougher competition and increasingly stringent quality and regulatory requirements, the challenge is to reduce process development time while minimizing costs and the environmental impact of the API manufacturing route.
Our solutions help to meet these requirements:
1.: Our special chemical technologies will often enable us to reduce the number of chemical steps, thereby increasing yields and lowering the overall synthesis cost and time

2.: Our expertise in separation technologies and our proprietary chromatography technologies enable to get quick access to pure intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients, and to guarantee their scale-up, on our site or at yours

3.: We have an efficient sourcing team and a network of reliable suppliers across the World that we regularly audit, to access competitively priced raw materials and intermediates

Flexibility We have established a flexible organization to address your manufacturing needs and to provide you with the appropriate solutions in the minimum amount of time. This is possible thanks to our various operating sites; the diversity of our teams and their complementary expertise; as well as our wide range of equipment from lab to industrial scale and our fine chemicals available in various quantities.

Safety and Regulatory Compliance The pharmaceutical industry cannot compromise when it comes to quality and patient safety. Our solutions are compliant with all regulatory requirements and ensure the highest quality and safety level while optimizing purity and yield.